A branding project for some local filmmakers embarking on a new venture. They wanted something that expressed the means of the company with an element of their namesake. Combining cool toned purples, a bold sans serif font and a unique icon allows for the team at Amethyst Productions to emerge with a professional but creative edge. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.
Using the branding developed, Amethyst Productions also hired me to create an intro for their film production pieces. For this, after a discussion with the client to conceptualise the video, I modelled some crystals in Blender, used procedural texturing to give them depth and initially rendered as a still image to relay back to the client. Following the sign off of the initial visuals, I animated the camera to closely pan the top of the crystals and rendered to a high quality. This rendered video was then taken into After Effects, where I added the lens flare, using the preset within the software and agjusted it with layers to suit the need of this intro. Each keyframe was plotted to give the lens flare a sense of life and to generate a smooth light based transition to the logo reveal.
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